Weiss Architecture Studio

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Movable, space - efficient ( saves more than 50% space) and secure storage compactors


Required space is reduced and material is easily classified as it is a compact system.


The different available accessories enable articles to be perfectly classified when archived or stored


The installation is made of components designed to ensure its overall strength

Easy to assemble

Its fully modular construction makes the system easy to handle and assemble.


The security lock for the lockers guarantees that access is restricted to authorized personnel


Accessories, shelf levels at 25 mm intervals and a variety of sizes mean the shelving can be adopted to meet all types of requirements

Minimum Effort

Rotatable triangular handle ensures more ergonomic shelf movement. The carefully designed gearing system ensures that no more than 5 kg need to be applied to the crank wheel to move a Cupboard


Mobile shelving can blend in with any working environment thanks to the materials used, the quality finishing and the highly resistant soft-toned paints applied to the metal components


As there are no aisles, the shelving units form a closed block, reducing the amount of dust entering